“How are you different from other marketing consultants?”
I lead the marketing process hands-on, start to finish, for my clients. I plan, implement and evaluate marketing strategies and campaigns to keep them on track. I also create the compelling messages that make their businesses stand out from competitors, guaranteed. My clients work with one person, so they save time, attract more clients, increase sales and unlock their company’s potential to be wildly successful.


“What sets you apart from other copywriters?”
The combination of more than 25 years of marketing, communications, advertising and copywriting experience in produce and service-based companies in business-to-consumer and business-to-business sets me apart from other copywriters.

I specialize in direct response/direct marketing copywriting that’s persuasive, hypnotic and has proven to drive sales. Additionally, I uncover my clients’ extraordinary value to truly differentiate them from their competitors.

My copywriting experience encompasses all media, advertising and communications materials—print, TV, radio, plus all offline and online projects.


“Do you provide graphics or design?”
No, my expertise is in marketing and copywriting. I do work with graphic designers on the project creative concept, layout and design elements. If my client has engaged a graphic designer, I’ll work directly with that person. Otherwise, I will bring in one of my trusted resources to provide graphic design for the assigned project.


“If you get busy, do you subcontract work to other writers?”
My clients hire me for my expertise, knowledge and experience. I do not subcontract any work to other marketers or writers.


“Do you guarantee sales results from the copy you write for me?
While I do guarantee your satisfaction with my copy before you test it or use it, I do not and cannot guarantee specific results. There are too many factors in your marketing that I cannot control—product, service, quality, market, price, list, demand, sales process, sales force, buyer preferences, the economy, the stock market, major events, etc.


“Can you write about my business, product or service if you don’t have direct experience in my industry?”
Yes. I have worked with clients in more than 40 industries, from Fortune 500 companies to small and midsize businesses and nonprofit organizations. No matter what business you’re in, the same basic marketing principles apply to your company, product or service. My expertise is in understanding your target customer and what motivates him/her to buy; and then writing informative, persuasive copy that compels them to buy from you.


“How do I hire you to do a project for me?”
Request a quote. Then describe your project. Who is your target audience? What is the objective of your project…selling your product or service, providing information, making an announcement, etc.? After we agree on the scope of work, I’ll provide a written cost quote and letter of agreement. Your 50% payment and signed Letter of Agreement is authorization for me to proceed with your project.


“What does it cost to hire you for a project?”
Once I know the scope of the work for any copywriting assignment, I’ll give you a proposal and quoted price. My “Schedule of Estimated Fees” gives typical prices for a variety of freelance copywriting projects.


“What if we want to revise or change the copy?”
Additions, changes and revisions to the copy will be made quickly. These copy changes or revisions are included in the fee we’ve agreed to for the assignment, provided they are requested within 30 days of your receipt of the copy and are within the scope of the work agreed to for the project.


“What if I have other questions?”
For other questions, call me at 763-542-3830, or email me at slfortier@sfmarketing.biz. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.


"I want to thank Sonia Fortier for the great work and advice she has provided for me and my company on our marketing plan.

She looks at things differently and has fresh ideas. I can have her help me roll out an entire marketing plan or she is happy to compose a simple letter that gets results.

Sonia is happy to help with small or large projects and has a wealth of suppliers at her fingertips. I feel confident when working with Sonia and highly recommend her and the services she provides. Thanks, Sonia!"

Robin Johnson

High Road Heating

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