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Sonia Fortier - SF Marketing

S. F. Marketing is a Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities MN metro area based marketing, communications and advertising consulting firm founded in 1996.  We solve sales and marketing problems for businesses by providing hands-on, start-to-finish services, by creating compelling message that make them stand out from competitor, and by developing focused, results-based, profitable solutions that drive clients’ sales growth
and success.


The owner, Sonia Fortier, brings more than 25 years of marketing, communications and advertising experience in both product and service-based companies in retail/consumer and business-to-business enterprises. She has worked for Fortune 500 corporations, an international franchise, a major publisher, a regional architectural firm, technology companies, plus midsize and small businesses in more than 40 industries. Prior to starting  S. F. Marketing, Fortier held a Director of Marketing position in another company.


Fortier is known as an innovative marketing leader with a consistent record of using analytical and creative problem-solving skills in all aspects of strategic marketing planning, direct marketing, brand management, communications, advertising, lead generation, attention-grabbing messaging and sales promotion, that have led to increased sales, new customers and improved profits for her clients.


Strategic thinking combined with effective interpersonal skills have led to profitable solutions to broad issues across multiple organizational levels in a variety of businesses.  Fortier is a dynamic leader who drives results through management, motivation and inspiration of creative and cross-functional teams.


What clients say about Sonia Fortier:  

  • Leads entire marketing process hands-on start-to-finish
  • Makes you stand out from competitors
  • Provides creative fresh ideas
  • Saves you time and money
  • Shortens your sales cycle
  • Energizes your client base
  • Explodes your sales
  • Magnifies your profits


My marketing guru is someone I like and trust as a person because she handles my marketing, delivers creative fresh ideas and helps my business grow quickly.”  — G.W.


“Everyone I talk to who has worked with Sonia Fortier says, she does all the hard work to make things happen and I reap the benefits.” — R. J.


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"I want to thank Sonia Fortier for the great work and advice she has provided for me and my company on our marketing plan.

She looks at things differently and has fresh ideas. I can have her help me roll out an entire marketing plan or she is happy to compose a simple letter that gets results.

Sonia is happy to help with small or large projects and has a wealth of suppliers at her fingertips. I feel confident when working with Sonia and highly recommend her and the services she provides. Thanks, Sonia!"

Robin Johnson

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